It’s a quiet Saturday morning and I’m enjoying my coffee as I peruse the Wall Street Journal. In the opinion section, there is an article titled, “Ben Carson for President.” Intriguing. Reminiscing about it, I remember Dr. Benjamin Carson from the book he authored, “Gifted Hands,” which portrays him as a young African American inner city youth growing up during hard times in Detroit. He was a wayward student and prone to a quick temper. How did he come from these auspicious beginnings to become the chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital?

On this particular morning, Dr. Carson is addressing a prayer breakfast in Washington DC and in attendance is President Obama. Dr. Carson lays out the biblical tithe or ten percent as a principal upon which a flat tax could be instituted. Specifically, he speaks about how although wealthy people should pay more and not be treated equal to others, what they pay in taxes should be equitable. He introduces the principal or proportion. Second, in observance of Obamacare, he states that at birth, all children should receive an electronic medical records and a health savings account to which money can be contributed pre tax. For those who are indigent, seed money would be invested. Over the passage of time, periodic withdrawals can be made to pay for care, and if there is anything left when you die, the amount can go to your family. If not, so be it. Pithy, yes. Simple, yes. Workable? Perhaps or perhaps not, but will this concept be embraced by your inter beltway circle of Washington politicians? Probably not. In an era where it’s more politically correct to demonize achievement and entrepreneurship, Dr. Carson’s comments stand in stark contrast. However, to me reading my paper this Saturday morning while enjoying a cup of java, it is a breath of fresh air.

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