Reminiscing, it’s been an amazing past few weeks, though a sobering few weeks as well.

First, the Patriot Day marathon bombings in Boston that shakes the city to its core and the discovery that terrorist’s from Chechnya, Russia are in our midst. Second, the incident in Waco where a fertilizer plant blows up, which ultimately appears to have been an accident. However, both incidents have galvanized America’s attention. Then, the reaction of the father of the bombing suspects, denies any allegation that they were involved, stating they were set up. In stark contrast, the uncle who lived outside of Washington, DC, says the boys were losers and brought shame upon the heads of their families, and would gladly kneel at the feet of the victims to beg forgiveness.

Regardless of how this unfolds, one thing I am certain of as Americans, we are reminded not only of our vulnerability but also the compassion and goodness provided by those who offered assistance and support to those immediately shaken after the bombings, such as the restaurant owners who sheltered people to keep them safe from harm during the ruckus out in the street.

This speaks well to the American spirit and as much as tragedies like this are sobering, I truly believe Americans will survive and thrive, as long as the American spirit of freedom, generosity, and kindness amongst each of us, continues than we can preserve our land here in the United States of America.

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