John Convery – President and Founder

John Convery is the President and founder of The Educated Wealth Center, LLC. He has 30 years experience in the fields of retirement income, wealth preservation, wealth management, and estate planning. John graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s East Stroudsburg University. John is proud to be a member of the National Ethics Bureau.

gifOn the National level, John has authored articles for The American Chronicle and appeared in US News and World Report, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as on the national television network WE. Additionally, he has contributed to US News and World Report and was recognized as a “Financial Trendsetter” in the December 24, 2012 last paper edition of the national publication Newsweek. He was also featured as an author in CNBC news, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Reuters, and several other online publications. He has been seen on affiliates of ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. John is a series 65 securities licensee and an independent advisor representative and licensed insurance producer. IAR services are offered through Retirement Wealth Advisors, a company not affiliated with The Educated Wealth Center, LLC.

In his free time, John cherishes the opportunity to spend quality time with his wife, Arlene, and their four children, as well as their three lovely grandchildren. John is an active writer, enjoys traveling, and currently resides in a log cabin with his wife, Arlene, two donkeys, and a horse. Yes thats right two donkeys, and a horse!

Michael Convery – Vice President


Michael saw the bigger picture in January 2013, and decided it was time to go after bigger and better things. In 2013 he left his job with Aflac to lead up the Marketing, and Operations for his Father’s company The Educated Wealth Center. The desire to help the people who needed it most in his eyes was to good to pass up. Under Michael’s stewardship The Educated Wealth Center has taken on more pre & post retiree clients then ever before, created jobs, tackled new office space, and grew the business from what it was to what it is today. Michael truly believes that pre & post retirees should be able to maintain their quality of living when they stop working, and thats why he is striving each and everyday to help push John’s message further across South Florida. You can catch Michael alongside John on “Retire Yesterday, Live Today Radio” which he helped co-create on 1290 WJNO Saturdays and Sundays, or just say hey on any of the social media platforms your using today!

Fernando “Bull” Gonzalez – Client Service & Transfer Specialist 

Fernando joined the team in November of 2015, and was trained well by our previous client service & transfer specialist Mr. David Jackson. David moved back to Oklahoma to chase the simple life, and started his own Edward Jones advisory practice while Fernando stepped into the trenches alongside John. Fernando is a proud Northwood University Alum, and an even prouder Father of a beautiful baby girl. Fernando is here to welcome new clients/friends when they come on board, and work alongside Mr. Convery to ensure a smooth transition while preparing, or officially starting your retirement.

Brianna “Brioli” Davis – Marketing


Brianna brought her creativity to the team in September of 2017. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Florida Southern College, Brianna immediately moved to Nicaragua where she pursued her passion for helping others by working on the creative team of a non-profit organization located in Chinandega. Upon moving back to Florida, Brianna worked in graphic design and marketing until she joined the team at The Educated Wealth Center, where she loves using her creative skills and seeing the impact her work has on pre and post retirees. In her free time, Brianna spends her time outdoors, traveling, or working in her art studio.

Kristen “Casper” Kelley – Managing Editor

Kristen started supporting John way back in 2005. Through thick and thin Kristen has been behind him year after year. After graduating at the top 11% of her high school class and receiving an offer of a partial scholarship to a noted college, Kristen began studying for a marketing/public relations degree. After several courses, she quickly realized that it was not a match for her particular talents and interests. Utilizing her strong written and verbal communication skills, she began working for John. Kristen enjoys making sure each and every client feels loved and cared for. Additionally, Kristen has a successful career as a freelance writer. Kristen resides in Sanford, FL with her husband Tim and daughter Leah, and spends her free time either with her family, in the gym working on her fitness, or volunteering at her daughter’s school passionately. If two words summed up Kristen it would be just that passion, and caring.

Patricia “Pattycakes” Sinnot – Event Liason

Patricia joined the team way back in March 2013. Patricia is a true veteran as she is the teams oldest active member. Patricia was born in Brooklyn, New York and lived on Long Island until moving to Florida. She has a Bachelors Degree in English and a New York State certification, with honors, as a legal assistant.Patricia brings to the team many years of experience in direct service with clients, customers, and friends within the various fields in which she was engaged. You will find her to be welcoming, informed and enthusiastic to enhance your learning experience.


Juliza Kramer – Former Marketing


Juliza the resident office nutritionist joined the team in May of 2014. She is a proud University of Florida Alum, and she brought over her marketing expertise, attention to detail, client first mentality, and fun loving spirit that all of our clients seem to adore. Don’t let her fool you she is sweet as can be, but she has a large bite! Juliza deserves an award for handling John, Michael, and Fernando, and she constantly puts the clients needs ahead of her own. Juliza does it all from greeting, and smiling to handling Mr. Convery’s calendar, all of the companies events, content, and anything else in between.


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